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I always to be fucked my wife and tell me all about it when he fucks me as a surprise, once again used in bed, but after the shit he said, is never going to happen, they have the opportunity and I will never fuck somebody we know, then she told me of a Tom that she allways told him how much she loves fucking work began, I said really, I DO know and not all, or even friends, but still said no . Then I started to work outside the home was large and our phone sex geting fucked on her, and when the straw, she would care for them, but when I got home, she would have been saved. Then one night when I called home my wife asked me if I was a good guy working, I said yes, and she said she could not say the same thing when I asked why she said that night in a night previouse withdrew their co-workers to our house and took him. She continued saying that, if returned to our house, which wkeys that they and all who had started a couple of drinks and then call taxis, eventulay was just here and his colleagues, he said, he called a taxi, but never showed up, as it was in the dining setting more drinks came and kissed her neck from behind and began her tits Fondel, is melted and she susking your penis in no time, he went to bed where he fucked her bare back and had lookforporn to move, and that is not on the pill when I asked why not use a condom that was in the drawer next to her, she said she now likes to bare back, she said he spunk all over her tits, stomach and buttocks, as he fucked her all night, so that in a cabin in the morning, lookforporn that Tom had enjoyed it, even at night and had his answer Ammas thaught asked, she said it was not Tom, but I took one of the young guys that just before the marriage lookforporn was, and said, I do not think he wants someone to say quickly, or is in deep shit, I said it was not planned, but now they had been fucking fucked if I was Tom, before arriving home at the end of the week, when she was as horny as fuck, I said yes, that is sure to be fuck like no one before lookforporn going to come home, he said he can, and I said, as long as I can get a good fuck, when I get home, and lookforporn get all the hot stories, and I have two more, but that's another story,
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